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Our Story

It started with a chocolate cake. November 2012 our first thanksgiving in Millington, TN and only two months at our new duty station. Being fairly new to the area and with it being just me and the boys, a very gracious military family invited us to thanksgiving dinner. Just bring a dessert and a side dish. How awesome and a lot less stressful than the many dinners I’d hosted in the past. The cake was a big hit and became my signature dessert dish for all holiday potluck dinner parties.


Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2019. I am now just a few months back home from Afghanistan and I needed to do something to shake those post-deployment blues. So I baked the signature chocolate cake for my coworkers. In by 7:30am, gone before lunchtime, and orders started coming in for Christmas and birthdays. 


Fast forward again, now to 2021 when God gave me permission to retire from Active Duty and the closer I got my retirement date the more He revealed the plans for the next chapter in my life. April 30th, 2023. Bringing joy and happiness to everyone that I am called to serve. 


Every idea, every baked item, and every treat is executed with love and it would be my pleasure to serve you.

Sweets N Joi Family
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